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Students Say


Because of this research experience I am excited to continue using qualitative research methods in graduate school. Sana Waheed, alumna 2010

I leave Switzerland with many memories and with a strengthened sense of confidence and motivation to pursue research academically and professionally.Lauren Allen, 2010 alumna

My time in Switzerland has helped me to experience the challenges and reward of International interview and site visits. Denene Yates, 2010 alumna


My time in Switzerland has given me a unique perspective on the issues of health information technology through my meeting with an expert who has already experienced issues that the US will be facing for years to come.Dana Douglas, 2010 alumna

This experience has opened my eyes to the possibility of graduate school.Lisa Shats, 2010 alumna

I am certain that my research in this program will provide important skills that I look forward to using in my graduate studies in public affairs.Dinah Douglas, 2010 alumna


The experience has truly enriched my future professional involvement in international public health.
Segen Moges, 2010 alumna

This program allowed me to experience numerous field research techniques while enjoying the beauty of Switzerland . . . This was one of the best experiences of my life.
Natasha Ammenheuser, 2010 alumna


The IFR program was truly a fantastic experience, both academically and culturally. During the semester we learned how to write thorough research papers, and while in country we were able to participate in so many cultural experiences thanks to Switzerland’s geographic and cultural position in the World. Overall, it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience; though if asked, I would return in a heartbeat.  Christopher Hogue, Visual Arts Major, 2014 alumna

The International Research open and inspired my imagination and curiosity. There is so much more research outside your own backyard. Susan Citro, Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County, 2011 alumna
The practical research experience I gained through IFR opened up doors to other major research opportunities for me. My experience with conducting interviews in Switzerland helped me gain a position in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program at the Harvard Forest. There, I studied conservation awareness among landowners. These experiences combined ultimately led me to my position as a master’s student at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), where I’m studying environmental communication and participatory processes. I cannot overstate how important the IFR program was to developing my research interests and experience. I highly recommend IFR to any student who wants to enhance their research skills and gain practical experience. Laura Bartock, SUNY-ESF, 2011 alumna

I have as a result of this experience a new vision for my future goals and ambitions for improvement in my profession.
Erin Doxtater, 2010 alumna

I learned so many things associated with healthy living and it was fascinating to see all these issues we discussed in class in the daily lives of the Swiss people.
Fatou Bah, alumna 2010