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Your first step in participating in the UMBC International Field Research Program is submitting an application.  Please read the application instructions carefully.  As part of the application procedure, we require you to submit the following pieces of information to Admin 222, the UMBC Study Abroad Office:

  • The attached completed UMBC International Field Research Application Form.
  • A short essay (500 word limit, 12 font) in which you describe why you are interested in this program. Please include your rationale for applying to the International Field Research Program and any pertinent background information. For example, if you are interested in a career in health, aging, or scientific research, you might discuss any key issues or considerations associated with the career decisions facing you.
  • Unofficial UMBC Transcript
  • Program deposit of $200.00, cash or check payable to UMBC.

For additional information: contact Mary Stuart at

To be considered a complete application, all applications must be accompanied by a $200 deposit.  Application will only be returned if the student is not accepted into the program or declines the invitation. Deposits can be placed on hold for the next class offering, however.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2015 to Admin 222

There is a limit of 24 participants. Early application is strongly recommended.