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Why Switzerland?


Switzerland, a country of stunning mountain vistas, truly lies at the crossroads of Europe. It is among the top-rated countries in the world with regard to health care, environmental policy, public transportation, infrastructure, live-able cities, and healthy life- styles. This experiential learning program applies an ecological framework to better under- stand how culture, policy, and practice interact to achieve a sustainable and healthy society.

UMBC’s Swiss field research program is based in Kandersteg, nestled in the Swiss Alps, and rated “One of the top 1000 places to see” in the world! From this base, students travel to nearby cities to complete their field research. Highlights can include day trips to Geneva, Zurich, and Bern, as well as hikes to glaciers and historic alpine settings.

During spring semester students study a variety of research methods, complete background research, and write a research paper as part of a weekly seminar class. They are assigned to a research team based on their topic, and select related field research exercises to complete in Switzerland.